Medical jurisprudence

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MEDICAL JURISPRUDENCE. That science which applies the principles and practice of the different branches of medicine to the elucidation of doubtful questions in courts of justice. By some authors, it is used in a more extensive sense and also comprehends Medical Police, or those medical precepts which may prove useful to the legislature or the magistracy. Some authors, instead of using the phrase medical jurisprudence, employ, to convey the same idea, those of legal medicine, forensic medicine, or, as the Germans have it, state medicine.
     2. The best American writers on this subject are Doctors T. R. Beck and J. B. Beck, Elements of Medical Jurisprudence; Doctor Thomas Cooper; Doctor James S. Stringham, who was the first individual to deliver a course of lectures on medical jurisprudence, in this country; Doctor Charles Caldwell. Among the British writers may be enumerated Doctor John Gordon Smith; Doctor Male; Doctor Paris and Mr. Fonblanque, who published a joint work; Mr. Chitty, and Dr. Ryan. The French writers are numerous; Briand, Biessy, Esquirol, Georget, Falret, Trebuchet, Mare, and others, have written treatises or published papers on this subject; the learned Fodere published a work entitled "Les Lois eclairees par les sciences physiques ou Traite de Medecine Legale et d'hygiene publique;" the "Annale d'hygiene et de Medecine Legale," is one of the most valued works on this subject. Among the Germans may be found Rose's Manual on Medico Legal Dissection; Metzger's Principles of Legal Medicine, and others. The reader is referred for a list of authors and their works on Medical Jurisprudence, to Dupin, Profession d'Avocat, tom. ii., p. 343, art. 1617 to 1636, bis. For a history of the rise and progress of Medical Jurisprudence, see Traill, Med. Jur. 13.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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His award-winning research, 'Medical Research on Humans, on the Need for Medical Advancement and the Sanctity of the Human Body - a Contemporary Medical Jurisprudence Approach', discussed one of the most debatable topics in the past few decades.
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Deady designed the university seal, and he plucked its motto - Mens Agitat Molem - from "The Aeneid." He supervised drafting the medical school's articles of incorporation and served as professor of medical jurisprudence. He drafted the resolution establishing the UO Law School, selected its first dean, and taught both property and constitutional law for it.
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Drawn from the database Guide to Reference, this bibliography presents an annotated list of print and electronic biomedical and health-related reference sources, including internet resources and digital image collections, with a focus on US resources published between 1995 and 2013 in the areas of medicine, psychiatry, bioethics, consumer health, health care, nursing, nutrition, toxicology, pharmacology and pharmaceutical sciences, dentistry, public health, medical jurisprudence, and international and global health.
A three-hour written exam followed in which seven or eight questions have to be answered from each of the following branches: surgery, anatomy, practice of medicine, pathology, physiology, obstetrics, medical jurisprudence and toxicology, material medical, chemistry and hygiene."

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