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It also boosts the probability of successful anti-cancer drug development in partnership with drug companies," said Jesper Drejet, president and CEO of Medical Prognosis Institute.
And spokeswoman Kathleen Dorkowski warned: "We're awaiting a full medical prognosis but everyone is very, very worried.
We are awaiting a full medical prognosis later today but everyone is v ery, very worried.
But Swans player-coach Cusack said, ``Mama was offered the same remuneration but because of a negative medical prognosis regarding his injury, I had little option but to offer him a short-term contract.
The FA are confident Eriksson will give an upbeat medical prognosis today.
The medical prognosis on the injury has Wood out of action for four weeks and that would give him very little time to prepare for the Welsh assault on Dublin.
To return to the emergency room, any judgment about AM's treatment will depend upon her medical prognosis and a detailed and nuanced understanding of the concerns and fears that motivated her suicide.
SEATTLE -- Insightful Corporation (NASDAQ:IFUL), a leading provider of predictive analytics and reporting solutions, announced today that Medical Prognosis Institute (http://medical-prognosis.
Josh and Emma Sawyer put their confused feelings for each other on hold while they come to terms with their daughter's critical medical prognosis.
Researchers found the most frequently documented reasons women refused follow-up care included denying there was a problem or having a fatalistic view of their medical prognosis.

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