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The grant has been provided to clinically advance Irofulven for the treatment of metastatic castration resistant prostate cancer by using a highly predictive biomarker for the drug developed by Medical Prognosis Institute A/S.
With the Medical Prognosis Institute in Denmark, Knudsen predicts that DNA microarrays are about to enter the field of cancer diagnosis.
Already stressed (and handed a poor medical prognosis after two heart attacks), he receives the news of paternity with more anxiety than joy.
Statements such as "they should have known" or "they should have prevented this" come forth, even when medical indications or a medical prognosis justifies the clinical care that was delivered and the patient's ultimate outcome.
Early in his essay, he acknowledges the uncertainty of medical prognosis and the uncertainty of family and individual adjustment to spina bifida.
Speaking about the injury probems, Noble said: ``Sean is running again and the medical prognosis for him is very encouraging while Brian is also in full training.
It wasn't a decision taken lightly but failed comeback attempts with Blackpool and Livingston, a devastating medical prognosis and the unstable state of football convinced him it was time for a change.
Sassi amply demonstrates this thesis in tire discrete chapters on, respectively, skin color as marker of gender and ethnicity, physiognomy, ethnography and women, medical prognosis and diagnosis, and astrology.
Apart from the statements of Suharto's lawyer and aide, no official medical prognosis has been released.
14) Part 5 presented a number of scenarios matched for medical prognosis but differing in nonmedical factors.
Nasdaq:AFFX) and Medical Prognosis Institute A/S (MPI), a leading cancer diagnostic development company based in Denmark, today announced that they have signed a Powered by Affymetrix[TM] (PbA) agreement.
Denmark-based Medical Prognosis Institute (NASDAQ OMX NORDIC), has signed a contract with United States-based Alion Pharmaceuticals, it was reported yesterday.

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