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Medical Science is concerned with the maintenance of health and how diseases might be prevented and treated.
After completion of this transaction, Furui Medical Science Company Luxembourg now holds 13.
Our goal through the program is to expose students to multiple facets of medical science - not just becoming a doctor or nurse - but also introducing them to interdisciplinary topics in genetics, prosthetics, physical therapy, bioethics, etc.
The academy is an independent body, representing the whole spectrum of medical science.
The medical treatment of the dying is almost invisible today, an embarrassing situation that can only get worse as the rest of medical science succeeds in allowing a greater fraction of the population to live into old age with sufficient residual mental and physical capacity to understand their situation.
A new medical science park built on the northern part of the site will provide medical and research facilities.
While these first orthopedic surgeons paved the road for implants, medical science has come a long way in the last 50 years as today's implants are revolutionary in both design and materials.
Thus, in varying ways, have religion and medical science gone from being strangers to competitors and, most recently, even helpmates.
One aspect of medicalization that has received considerable attention has been its association with the disciplining of behavior, most prominently in connection with mental illness, but also more generally in the adjustment of social habits to the dictates of medical science.

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