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noun affability, amenity, amiability, chivalry, civility, comitas, comity, complaisance, cordiality, courteous conduct, courteousness, deference, elegance of manners, etiquette, excellence of behavior, friendliness, gallantry, geniality, gentility, good behavior, good breeding, good manners, graciousness, manners, officium, polished manners, polite act, politeness, refinement, respect, reverence, suavity, tact, urbanitas, urbanity
See also: benefit, benevolence, comity, consideration, decorum, deference, favor, honor, propriety, protocol, respect

COURTESY, OR CURTESY, Scotch law. A right which vests in the husband, and is in the nature of a life-rent. It is a counterpart of the terce. Courtesy requires, 1st. That there shall have been a living child born of the marriage, who is heir of the wife, or who, if surviving, would have been entitled to succeed. 2d. That the wife shall have succeeded to the subjects in question as heir either of line, or of talzie, or of provision. 1 Bell's Com. 61; 2 Ersk. 9, 53. See Curtesy.

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The attorney said that the court listened to the defense that hold by attaching the Bahrain Independent Committee of Inquiry with the case file, which proves that accused medical staff violated ethics medical work.
This usually includes an "active" staff category whose members are eligible to vote, hold office and are responsible for the medical staff oversight function--as well as a variety of other categories (associate, courtesy, consulting, referring, honorary, etc.
The hospital recruits an ob-gyn physician who will establish and maintain a full-time practice in its service area and become a member of the medical staff.
The hospital needs the members of the medical staff to refer and admit their patients to the hospital; without those patients the hospital would have no reason to exist.
H maintained that the ventures would help it by creating incentives for medical staff physicians to increase inpatient admissions.
The strong need by boards and medical staff leaders to understand the industry landscape was a major factor in the decision to execute this survey.
1) How can we apply the "4 + 2" Formula to improve medical staff effectiveness and, as a by-product, hospital and medical staff relations?
Thanks to the medical staff at the hospital's Center for Reproductive Medicine, the Simi Valley mother said she was able to conceive the twins using donated eggs at the age of 46.
Yet a medical staff leader's duties, including dealing with unexpected challenges that land at his or her feet every day, are more complicated than ever before.
For leaders of health care organizations, it is not a question of if, but how to facilitate improvement in patient safety among medical staff.
The lawsuit claims the medical staff at Plastic Surgery Partnerships negligently administered anesthesia during the Feb.
In one of his first executive committee meetings, Slater notified physicians he was keeping the pads under lock and issuing keys to the medical staff.

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