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COURTESY, OR CURTESY, Scotch law. A right which vests in the husband, and is in the nature of a life-rent. It is a counterpart of the terce. Courtesy requires, 1st. That there shall have been a living child born of the marriage, who is heir of the wife, or who, if surviving, would have been entitled to succeed. 2d. That the wife shall have succeeded to the subjects in question as heir either of line, or of talzie, or of provision. 1 Bell's Com. 61; 2 Ersk. 9, 53. See Curtesy.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The medical staffs of Northwestern Medicine Central DuPage Hospital and Northwestern Medicine Delnor Hospital are providing college scholarships to six local high-school graduates who plan to become physicians.
Hun Sen went on to advise medical staff from all over the country against concentrating in urban centres and instead reach out to people living in rural areas, where medical services remain scarce.
They said that the ICU was inaugurated by the then governor retired Maj Gen Ali Ahmad Jan Orakzai but had never been made operational owing to absence of modern facilities and required medical staff.
Since 1990, Dr Bowles has served as a member of the Huntington Medical Staff .
Alton Dauterive, MD, will serve as past Chief of the Memorial Medical Staff.
"If your leadership on the medical staff is a [group of older doctors] versus a mix or younger docs, they might be more or less receptive to discipline [for] a behavioral issue, based on their worldview," he said.
How do hospitals create systemic redundancy in oversight of the otherwise self-governing medical staff? How is oversight of complex issues of credentialing accomplished?
Despite a shift toward in-house physician leadership, the traditional medical staff, made up of community practitioners who pay dues, maintain privileges to practice in the hospital, and refer their sick patients, still elects a chief of staff or president to represent them in the hospital.
Medical Staff Bylaws are a democratic governance set in place and mandated by The Joint Commission.
Al Doseri said that the court listened only to five witnesses who emphasized that the accused medical staff have occupied Salmaniya Medical Complex and controlled its premises.
The medical staff handbook; a guide to joint commission standards, 3d ed.
POSITION: The WVSMA supports legislation clarifying medical staff committees are not governing bodies under the Open Hospitals Proceedings Act, the executive session topics enumerated in the Act are inadequate and at the least should be expanded, and that action on those topics should be permitted in executive session if the Act is to apply to any medical staff bodies.

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