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Compliance measures for the proposed rule include engineering controls, respirators, exposure monitoring, medical surveillance, and training.
The business offers services from basic medical surveillance to meet statutory obligations through to advising on employee absence and risk assessment.
According to the French Health Ministry statement, the person is in isolation in hospital and is under medical surveillance in an undisclosed location.
He has been under isolation and medical surveillance at a hospital in Douai in northern France since April 23, and is receiving respiratory assistance and blood transfusions.
Finally, NIOSH, in order to detect changes in the health status of health care workers handling hazardous drugs, recommends that employers establish a medical surveillance program to protect these workers.
Personnel who are assigned duties involving opening, mixing, or applying coating materials haven't received pre-placement training, periodic medical surveillance evaluations, and respirator fit testing/use as recommended by the industrial hygienist.
These records are routinely transmitted to the Armed Forces Health Surveillance Center and integrated into the Defense Medical Surveillance System.
Automated medical surveillance system with enhanced communications to rapidly identify disease outbreaks and document hazard exposures.
What happens there is what we call compliance screening, medical surveillance.
VA will also strengthen partnerships and medical surveillance to address the potential health impacts on veterans from the environmental exposures on today's battlefields.
The institution has been put under medical surveillance, it said.
There are similar provisions for medical surveillance for mineworkers under the Mine Health and Safety Act (Act 29 of 1996).

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