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Psychological stress has been invoked as a potential modifier of the symptomatic responses that are characteristic of medically unexplained symptoms (MUSs) attributed to low-level chemical exposures, including Gulf War illness, multiple chemical sensitivity, and sick building syndrome (Kipen and Fiedler 1999, 2002a, 2002b).
They found that acupuncture had a significant and sustained benefit for these patients and consequently acupuncture could be safely added to the therapies used by practitioners when treating frequently attending patients with medically unexplained symptoms.
There are many people with very stressful jobs who do suffer from medically unexplained symptoms that can't be ignored.
Possible group reactions include mass panic, acute outbreaks of medically unexplained symptoms, and chronic cases of medically unexplained physical symptoms.
Other important health concerns discussed include chronic musculoskeletal pain, medically unexplained symptoms, complications from environmental exposures, heightened suicide risk, sleep disturbances, and impairments in family, occupational and social functioning.

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