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Staley's attorneys argued to the Court of Criminal Appeals, the state's highest criminal court, that it was unconstitutional to forcibly medicate inmates for the purpose of rendering them competent for execution.
The qualitative study by Taylor, O'Donoghue, and Houghton (2006) asked, "What are the processes adopted by parents of children diagnosed with ADHD in reaching a decision on whether to medicate or not medicate their child?" (p.
Whether or not to medicate adolescents with ADHD is a conundrum that many parents face.
Cats can be notoriously difficult to capture, restrain and medicate; however, with the following expert tips, medicating a cat can be much less stressful--for both cat and owner.
1 : to treat with medicine <You should medicate your sore throat.>
Dealing becomes the ultimate power trip for Thyme, allowing her to use her superficial medical knowledge to diagnose and medicate her peers.
A detainee appealed the decision of a district court to medicate a detainee against his will to render him competent to stand trial.