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The objective of the procurement is to establish new Framework Agreements for electronic medicating support.
In Wednesday's ruling, the court did not answer the constitutional questions about medicating Staley so that he could be competent for execution.
They felt guilty for causing the child's disability, for not being a good enough parent, and for medicating. One mother inaccurately blamed herself as the cause of her son's ADHD because she had mowed the grass the day before he was born.
What does the research indicate are the effects of medicating or not medicating adolescents with ADHD?
I'm currently a veterinary nurse and would offer things like nail clipping and medicating. I'd be grateful for your advice.
Cats can be notoriously difficult to capture, restrain and medicate; however, with the following expert tips, medicating a cat can be much less stressful--for both cat and owner.
I have witnessed every detail of your article ("Medicating Aliah") about the medicating of adolescents in state mental health care.
The dynamic tension between inadequately medicating patients suffering from chronic pain and the need to control illegal narcotic availability has put pain management in the forefront of medicine and law.