medicinal component

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The main ingredient and critical medicinal component in turmeric is curcumin.
The PDEA chief recommended the bill to be very specific and only legalize the use of tablet or capsule preparations of the alleged medicinal component of Cannabis and not cannabis itself.
A possible new component used to cure the flu was discovered by scientists 6 and the medicinal component comes from a frog's mucus.
The root is perhaps the most medicinal component of this plant, and Cook often uses roasted dandelion root, ground up and mixed in a smoothie.
The medicinal component is the bergamot oil extracted from the plant.
Cannabidiol, the medicinal component in cannabis, is not considered a hallucinogenic ingredient, according to researchers quoted by the RPSGB.
It is essential to make the complete inventory of the medicinal component of the flora of any country for conservation and sustainable use.
In addition to adding Chinese herbal medicinal components to the product, Osiao has signed up award-winning actress and singer Miriam Yeung to promote the brand in China.
This plant is found in the Balagne region of France and used historically for its medicinal components which include anti-bruising, anti-inflammatory and healing.
The bulk of the book comprises 100 formulas and their medicinal components.