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It's important to find the traits that may be medicinally beneficial.
Originally native to southeast Asia, tea - the waxy green leaf of the Camellia sinensis plant - has been cultivated, consumed and even used medicinally.
Myrrh was used medicinally as an anointing oil for wounds, and as an embalming oil following death.
Honey has been used medicinally for many centuries in many cultures, and scientists now hope that these findings may hold important clinical implications for a future topical treatment of chronic rhinosinusitis, bringing natural relief to millions of sufferers.
Love Poem to Garlic stinking rose the heady scent of you tangy spicy most underrated year-round orb bulbous root incandescent moon invoked as deities by the Egyptians garlic each day with you is another day tripled stripped of your delicate covers your fire-spitting fresh rawness i love you unadulterated a shiver once i bite you medicinally you are a miracle fighting colds blood thinner anti-bacterial extraordinaire how to eat you raw & love it: peel the placenta-like cover julienne into fish sauce with red chili peppers lemon your bold paleness exposed i imagine you at every moment of every day
They also used it medicinally and Homer records that warriors fed it to their horses.
This led to Botulinum toxin being first used in a medicinally to treat crossed eyes and uncontrollable blinking.
FYI: Research is showing that blueberries contain a number of compounds that have medicinally beneficial properties.
To them, there is no distinction between using marijuana recreationally or medicinally - both are illegal.
This herb is used medicinally by Ukrainians and, in the past, also had a symbolic, ritual purpose.
The 16th century alchemist Paracelsus believed the appearance of a plant gave clues as to what it could be good for medicinally.