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Compromise on what's best for all the citizens of this country and not just the ones who donate enormous amounts of money to their political campaigns and polish our reputation so we are once again viewed as that bar all should strive to achieve and ditch this drive to being mediocre.
I have wished to be a rock star in some private moments have felt as mediocre as you described.
Noomi is wasted mediocre Those mesmerising performances showcased an actor with the rare ability to plumb the darkest depths of a tortured character's soul.
The BSP described the advanced economies new mediocre as a phase of relatively low growth for a long period.
I want my Epidural Back "Adventures in Mediocre parenting"
Martinez said: "If I had been given 10 years to work with Everton by being mediocre I wouldn't accept that," which has been interpreted as a dig at his Goodison predecessor who oversaw 11 years as Blues boss.
The irony about the film lies not in the fact that it is an utterly mediocre mess.
Why on earth would a genius spend time, energy and his vast talent on mediocre work?