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In fact, if children regularly rehearse the right mental tricks, they can expect to become mediocrities themselves, as long as there is someone who performs at a level below ordinary - and we can be sure there will always be someone below ordinary.
Sadly, the vast majority of voters are faced with an uninspiring list of third-rate mediocrities whose lifetime ambition is to see their mugshot in the local free-sheet while claiming expenses.
This is why the teaching unions have reacted so strongly to the university's decision and not because, as they claim, it would undermine the state school system a" the pursuit of excellence is the biggest threat to the unions' domination and control of our society, which they have turned into the preserve of mediocrities by eliminating any form of competition.
We will make scientific progress if we consider that everything we see around us is commonplace in the universe, that we are average beings in a run-of-them-ill planetary system in an average galaxy probably populated by scores of other mediocrities.