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It isn't and nor is it likely to be in the future unless there is a root and branch revision, a willingness to confront head on the culture of mediocrity and corruption and invest in excellence.
The move to prevent mediocrity has remained a big puzzle, considering the worst-ever showing of the national contingent in the last SEA Games.
Actor Saif Ali Khan, who was earlier forced to apologise to actress Kangana Ranaut for taking a dig at her through the "nepotism rocks" act at the International Indian Film Academy (IIFA) Awards, says he himself is against the term and feels it leads to mediocrity.
Nothing better illustrates this epidemic culture of mediocrity than the 'waiting list' appointment system at secondary public schools, which allows the most incompetent, laziest and uninterested graduates to become teachers.
It is Mr Ashley who is the problem and only his departure from our club will save us from further mediocrity.
I'm no hypochondriac, but how am I supposed to maintain my natural defenses against the mediocrity virus, when all self-worth, as an ordinary citizen, is constantly reduced to bassita status?
Three sections deal broadly with such themes as dirtiness and adulthood, mediocrity and melancholy, and autobiography and culture, respectively.
In the following conversation, Al-Saady shares how to detect the poison and teach, move, or lose good-enough managers before the damage of mediocrity spreads.
The book contends that when a government regulates every aspect of your life and business, mediocrity sets in.
PRESTON manager Graham Westley has lambasted the culture of mediocrity within his squad.
My son's school's policy forces acknowledgement not only for students who exceed social and academic expectations, but also gives awards to students for ordinary behavior - effectively mistaking mediocrity for true accomplishment.
I agree that it will lead to mediocrity in the medical profession.