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If the dumbing down of the people's intelligence is standard practice in a society governed by the ethos of mediocrity, President Buhari's media team has turned it into elevated art.
Mediocrity shouldn't be accepted, tolerated, entertained, even thought about.
"We've had a chat about that, I've told them they can't accept mediocrity.
He said he was surprised by the "mediocrity" but glad that the party had learned from its mistakes.
Mediocrity breeds mediocrity and that is the culture we have developed.
What we require was to rise and get rid of mediocrity. She said whatever happened in the past was due to the policies based on ad-hocism which prevented the country from local manufacturing and also no attention was paid to promote local industry.
Even to the ordinary observer, that snarky and dismissive response had 'liar, liar, liar' heard unmistakably in the backdrop, and spoke volumes of the level of mediocrity Cayetano has sunk to.
[US], Mar 12 ( ANI ): Taking a swipe at the Hollywood, Veteran actress Susan Sarandon said that it is 'mediocrity' which is rewarded in the industry.
"With these conditions, it can never be our claim to be satisfied with mediocrity," he added.
The performance was a far cry from effective displays that the team has put in recently, with fans suggesting afterwards that it was a sign that the side is reverting back to mid-table mediocrity.
It is not only unions that promote this culture of mediocrity, but also the political parties that can exercise nepotism much more easily in such an environment.
Why, when so many in the region are promoting improvement, progress and positivity, there are myopic planners within the Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Trust wishing to drag the area down into a second division of medical mediocrity - a sort of 'Northern Poorhouse'?