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The main method of mindfulness interventions is "meditation" (the term, meditation, is derived from the Greek meditari, meaning to reflect and mediate).
E contra gravis defectus discretionis iudicii ut incapacitas, haud significat contrahentem etsi possibilitatem habentem non facere quia non vult aut non habet oportunitatem aut tranquillitatem ad eum considerandum, ideoque loqui de defectu discretionis iudicii haud significat contrahentem non cogitavisse aut meditatum esse cum realiter in aliis adiunctis agere potuisset sed nequivisse cogitare aut meditari, quoniam defuerunt aptitudines psychicae ad eum agendum.
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14 In this passage, Pliny envisions himself as a pure mind: before the day begins, when he lies in bed with no sensory distractions of any kind, the mind of Pliny the Author is at work composing and editing, a process described with the active mental verbs cogitare, formare, and meditari.
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Remedios tiene el mismo etimo de medico, medicus, del verbo medeor (curar), del cual meditari (meditar) es la derivacion mas frecuente.
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