meditate upon

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The Catholic hunter may not necessarily explicitly meditate upon these truths, but instinctively feels that as he hunts he is encountering these realities and entering into them in some deeper fashion.
Not every flower, leaning vainly towards his own face/reflected in a murky puddle, gets to meditate upon himself/more than a few transitory days, before he, too, molders.
should be hung forthwith across the front of County Hall as its new official motto, and our employees there encouraged to meditate upon it, in the style of the Beatles' Maharishi (though preferably without the use of consciousness-enhancing substances) for at least an hour each morning before picking up their phones or turning on their computers.
Stressing meditation, he quoted Brihadaranyaka Upanishad: meditate upon Self, and finally realize Self, you come to understand everything in life.
This year the participants were asked to meditate upon two letters published in the Record: WWJRead, by Adrian C.
Finally, hard talk that his audience was ready to meditate upon.
THE EIGHTEENTH-century German philosopher Immanuel Kant wrote: "Two things fill the heart with ever renewed and increasing awe and reverence, the more often and more steadily we meditate upon them: the starry firmament above and the moral law within.
With his customary lucidity and critical tact, he demonstrates how Au piano, for instance, is a fiction of fiction, how Western studies the conflicting aspirations of story and discourse, how L'Homme-soeur represents a questioning of narrative logic, and, more generally, how the novels discussed offer portraits of the artist, foreground interactions with readers, multiply mirroring effects, and meditate upon the nature of literature.
What I find deficient is that most of the contributors do not develop or meditate upon the inevitable link between modern architecture and garden design--how the former dictates the latter and traditionally always has.
Bauman, editor of Dixie Diaspora: An Anthology of Southern Jewish History, "can find much to meditate upon in the experience of Southern Jewry.
Through violence, you may solve one problem, but you sow the seeds for another,'' is one of his statements that politicians everywhere might meditate upon.
The volume also features a number of poems by contemporary writers that respond to or meditate upon Moore's impact on their own creative practice.