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smiling, "is a thing very easy to meditate, but more difficult to conduct to an end, inasmuch as, re-established so recently on the throne of our ancestors, we have our eyes open at once upon the past, the present, and the future.
For the first; there is no other way but to meditate, and ruminate well upon the effects of anger, how it troubles man's life.
This gloom pleased him; he was in haste to reach some obscure and deserted alley, in order there to meditate at his ease, and in order that the philosopher might place the first dressing upon the wound of the poet.
DESPERATE Housewives star Eva Longoria meditates every day to help her deal with the stresses of life.
Charmingly illustrated in line drawings by Nomoco, The Hen Who Dreamed She Could Fly meditates on mindless conformity, sacrifice, and motherhood in a manner that will appeal to all ages.
com)-- Initiated by Boston-based young professionals and students from MIT and Harvard, Boston Meditates is a new movement to spread awareness about the benefits of meditation.
In these messages, the monarch stressed that "the Islamic world, which welcomes this blessed month in a perfect state of repentance and recollection, meditates on its sacred character and spiritual dimension and takes the just measure of values of solidarity, Islamic and human compassion (.
When on tour, she stays focused by organizing her makeup and clothes in her hotel room and meditates for a good performance.
So says Pam who has been reading for ten years and meditates each day before she starts work with her clients.
Three Colors Trilogy (Blue/White/Red) Polish director Krzysztof Kieslowski meditates on liberty, equality and fraternity (the three colors of the French flag) in this trio of films.
The poet meditates divinity within these poems as a condition of being caught between a material world that forsakes the individual and a spiritual world that beautifies even breath "on the loose clouds of winter blowing through rags / stuffed between a broken window and its screen.