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I meditate every day for 20 minutes in the morning.
8220;We believe in the power of meditation to change lives,” says Jacqueline Berglass, a medical researcher, yoga teacher and Boston Meditates volunteer.
When on tour, she stays focused by organizing her makeup and clothes in her hotel room and meditates for a good performance.
So says Pam who has been reading for ten years and meditates each day before she starts work with her clients.
Three Colors Trilogy (Blue/White/Red) Polish director Krzysztof Kieslowski meditates on liberty, equality and fraternity (the three colors of the French flag) in this trio of films.
The poet meditates divinity within these poems as a condition of being caught between a material world that forsakes the individual and a spiritual world that beautifies even breath "on the loose clouds of winter blowing through rags / stuffed between a broken window and its screen.
Following Vatican I and its declaration of papal infallibility, Civilta Cattolica, the review of the Roman Jesuits, serenely declared that `when the pope meditates, it is God who is thinking in him.
Suzanne Roe meditates before a statue of Buddha in the new home of the Birmingham Buddhist Centre.
For example, in one of the Dutch master's works, this effect-known as chiaroscuro-intensifies the apparent glow of sunlight streaming through a window while it deepens the perceived blackness of a room in which a philosopher meditates.