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In "In Sylvia's City," the Spanish director meditates upon the poetic daydreams inspired by cities.
However, the traditional Japanese garden, like many other forms of Japanese culture, was extensively borrowed from China; and the author meditates upon the fact that the Chinese term for order and ritual is the same.
Andas metonym for this epitome, Vizenor meditates upon museums more than once in these poems, as the death-dealing acme of the colonial project: "noisy cultures / out of time / clutter the names / of every animal / and bird / museum bound" ("Museum Bound").
Desan meditates upon Montaigne's resistance to physical description in favor of movement and existence, and finds this impressionist quality of the Essays to be consistent with Montaigne's stated disinterest in leaving behind a concrete image of himself, preferring to remain masked despite his claims of self-revelation.