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Tyke is spoken of as an apostolic man," said Dorothea, meditatively.
John Clayton, Lord Greystoke--he who had been "Tarzan of the Apes"--sat in silence in the apartments of his friend, Lieutenant Paul D'Arnot, in Paris, gazing meditatively at the toe of his immaculate boot.
Coulson remarked meditatively, "how I seemed to get hung up with both of them?
He pushed Arnold out of the library, and applied meditatively to the knob of his cane.
Not a touch of colour," he continued meditatively, "a figure straight as my walking-stick.
It thoughtfully, sometimes meditatively, examines human responses to catastrophic events from earthquakes to volcanic explosions, as well as differing perceptions of nature, risk, and how the world works.
Learning to think meditatively takes the character of a quieting of the mind, a kind of waiting and listening free of epistemic content, though for Heidegger this "silence" would be 9 10 something one could carry with them in all their daily social affairs.
We would chew our food, slowly, meditatively, almost as if in prayer.
The rich Hindu articulations of such images offer, Goshen-Gottstein suggests, points of deep spiritual resonance with the Hassidic emphasis on the cultivation of the imagination for meditatively envisioning, however falteringly, the incorporeal God.
The later Heidegger may have become an even more indirect therapist, allowing more space for his clients to 'be', thinking meditatively on their existence and their relationship to Being.
The Classicists, who comprised largely the privileged few who could afford the Bildungsreise to Rome, are exemplified by Tischbein's Goethe lounging meditatively on his symbolic ruins, while the Romantics are at home and busy among their own ruins, like Brentano's Heidelberg student or the occupants of the cottage in Friedrich's painting.