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Documented are the abilities of seasoned Tummo meditators for reducing their oxygen consumption, and for raising their bodily temperature (Benson 1982, 1990; Kozhevnikov 2013).
The meditators had a stronger immune response (their bodies produced more flu-fighting antibodies), and the higher the level of left-brain activity in general, the greater the immune response.
After eight hours of mindfulness practice, the meditators showed a range of genetic and molecular differences, including altered levels of gene-regulating machinery and reduced levels of pro-inflammatory genes, which in turn correlated with faster physical recovery from a stressful situation.
The purpose of this experiment was to determine whether the equipment in the Bioenergy Lab can detect electromagnetic emissions from humans and to determine whether experienced meditators, self-professed energy healers, and other study participants can control the electromagnetic emissions during a study session--that is, are study participants able to increase IR and UV light emissions through the use of focused intention, and are they able to do it purposely and on command?
The difference is in the mindset of the meditator (Salzberg, 1995).
Psychologists have finally discovered how meditators do better at tasks that require self-control.
In one interesting experiment (38), experienced Zen meditators and non-meditator controls were asked to approximate the meditation experience by focusing on the breath and allowing thoughts to pass by without attachment to them, and a mental discrimination task was randomly presented interrupting the "meditation" (itself challenging given the intrusiveness of fMRI neuroimaging equipment).
Difficulties encountered appear to merge when meditators come in touch with their "dark" or "shadow" self.
Explore the Conwy Valley, and there are other discoveries to be made: Sightseers may seek out the holy well at St Celynin' Church in Llangelynin, loiter on the viewing platform at the thunderous Swallow Falls or pad along the boardwalk by the River Llugwy at Betws y Coed, a long time inspiration for meditators and artists.
Once there is a mutual interest to collaborate, entrepreneurship coaching institutions in developing countries and mentoring institutions in developed countries become active meditators on the ground and thus help ensure the quality and success of such joint projects initiated with private actors via an e-platform
I realize now the wisdom of belonging to a group of meditators who meet bi-weekly.
While dualism (self/ other, spiritual/material, wave/particle) is still held to be the basis of reality by most people, meditators and quantum scientists are coming into agreement that advaita, the Sanskrit word for nonduality, is the reality that lies hidden behind what appears to our senses.