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3cm in width was seen to be arising from the middle of the anterior surface of scalenus medius muscle .
If this were true and only one Graomys species inhabits the Chaco biome, the name chacoensis Allen (1901) should be applied to those specimens, with medius and centralis as junior synonyms.
The in-house sessions included Russian stim (EMS) of the gluteus medius during resisted abduction, as well as straight leg abduction with manual biofeedback.
The main functions of the gluteus medius, gluteus minimus, and tensor fascia lata muscles are the abduction and the internal rotation of the leg (Donofrio, Bird, Assimos, & Mathes, 1998; Willick, Margherita, & Carter, 1998).
Martinez Reguera (1886), cita al PM como Picus medius, e indica: <<Igualmente llamado en esta tierra Carpintero y denominado en otros puntos Pico Mar [traduccion literal del nombre frances], es algo mas pequeno que el anterior y tiene sus mismos habitos, ventajas e inconvenientes>>.
The mistakes in the signatures in the medius can thus be much more simply explained by vertical printing rather than Chatterley's much more complicated conjecture.
I verified that larvae of Schizobranchia insignis and Demonax medius are nonfeeding by offering them particulate "food" through development and later examining their guts for ingested particles.
Finally, palpate over specific structures, such as the hip flexor muscles, greater trochanter, iliotibial band, and gluteus medius muscle, to further localize the source of pain.
Telephony company Telephonetics has formed an alliance with carrier solution provider Medius for a speech recognition service.
medius de cuarenta y seis (46) CPSC venezolanos, clinicamente sanos y de edades comprendidas entre 1-21 anos (5 machos y 41 hembras).
To protect your bottom from muscle damage and bruising you need to exercise the medius muscle, which is at the top of each cheek.
Despues de varios meses oculte, la popular cantante dio rastros de vida, aunque la policia desmiente la supuesta aparicion, todos los medius ya comenzaron a difundir el tema.