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Meeker left the monastery in 1980, convinced that God was leading him out.
and to be somewhat assertive, drawing on past experience," says Edward Howard and Company's Meeker.
However, Meeker notes that Sun's major promotional focus will continue to be the sponsorship of outdoor events at the local level.
Mary Meeker, general partner at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers (Photo: Business Wire)
The passion that he and his wife felt two decades ago, when they were first starting the business and building it, has faded, Meeker said, although he still enjoys the people he works with and the collegial, creative environment.
Meeker said that gadgets like Google Glass and Jawbone's fitness-tracking wristband Up will be big in the coming years.
Biopharmaceutical company Savient Pharmaceuticals Inc (NasdaqGM:SVNT) reported on Tuesday the appointment of David Meeker MD to its board of directors with immediate effect.
Arriving at Meeker's Aquaculture, owner Mike Meeker is so busy answering the rings of three phones that his faithful dogs, Roscoe and Maddy, stand in as the welcoming committee at the Manitoulin Island fish farm.
Meeker JD, Rossano MG, Protas B, Padmanahban V, Diamond MP, Puscheck E, et al.
In another development, Enterprise Products recently began operations at the partnership's Meeker II natural gas processing plant in the Piceance Basin of Colorado.
But in both their comments and the fine print of the sale agreement, Fancher and Churchill Downs president-CEO Tom Meeker painted an uncertain future for 67-year-old Hollywood Park and the sport that once boomed in California.
Track president Tom Meeker said the prodding by Cup officials was healthy.