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For Akron, Ohio-based David Meeker, executive vice-president of Edward Howard & Co.
Mary Meeker, general partner at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers (Photo: Business Wire)
The passion that he and his wife felt two decades ago, when they were first starting the business and building it, has faded, Meeker said, although he still enjoys the people he works with and the collegial, creative environment.
Meeker said that gadgets like Google Glass and Jawbone's fitness-tracking wristband Up will be big in the coming years.
Mother Nature is challenging us all the time and, as a farmer, you have to adapt, modify and figure out ways around it because you're not going to beat it," Meeker said.
The Meeker complex is supported by long-term commitments from l0 of the largest producers in the Piceance Basin.
Taking turns at the microphone in Hollywood Park's Sunset Room, Meeker and Fancher fired blunt warnings that California politicians risk crippling the racing industry - denting state agriculture as well as employment and tax revenue - if they don't help to reverse declines in track attendance in thoroughbred population.
Located on Hale Street, Heinrich Street and Meeker Avenue in Cranford, New Jersey, the 3.
Meeker is president and principal of Meeker and Associates, a management consulting firm in the consumer products industry.
Track president Tom Meeker said the prodding by Cup officials was healthy.
Irving Meeker of the Maine Medical Center in Portland and Wilfred Roth of the University of Vermont in Burlington set out to develop a device to make sterilization more reversible, and have come up with the gizmo at right.
KPCB has a long and exceptional track record of helping entrepreneurs build world-changing ventures and launch new industries," said Meeker.