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What's really amazing is that Maggie meekly obeyed, and trooped out with the womenfolk to speak of household matters.
Even so, the acting is pretty special with Leo Bill showing lashings of misguided spirit while attacking the upper classes for meekly bowing to democracy.
Angry staff at the paper say they "won't stand meekly by" after the suspension of five executives, including the deputy editor, on Saturday.
Yet we English accept the discrimination involved in the prescriptions policy and meekly subsidise the prescriptions of our Welsh, Irish and Scottish brothers and sisters, simply by paying the same level of NHS contributions as they do.
If you allow yourself to be intimidated you go through life meekly and don't achieve the things you want to achieve.
Why do we Welsh no longer want to fight against injustice but will meekly allow a foreign company to drain a vital source of water for the purpose of building yet more houses.
So what makes you think she will meekly accept your criticism and not tell you to like them or lump it?
Accepting that Labour will enter the election campaign as the underdog, he asked: "Do we shrug our shoulders and meekly hand over power to an arrogant Conservative Party which believes it can sit back and be given power on a plate?
The tourists' batsmen had twice succumbed meekly in their first-Test defeat by an innings and 129 runs but showed far greater grit yesterday before eventually being bowled out for 250 just before the close yesterday.
When an audience member meekly questioned the trio, Oprah cut her off with a dismissive "We're showing you what is.
Hooker) won't even meekly go where others have gone before.