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5 : to touch and join or cross <The town is located where two rivers meet.
At 70 of 112 local public schools, students' Academic Performance Index test scores either did not meet federal Adequate Yearly Progress goals, or the gains didn't include all subgroups of students, such as ethnic minorities, low-income and disabled students.
There was a luncheon where I was able to meet several of the AzDAA members.
The CalCPA Board of Directors shall meet at least three times per year.
And after the health ministers and treatment access campaigners have talked among themselves, they will meet with funders -- corporate sponsors, foundations, rich-country donors and others, and with decision makers, to talk about practical solutions.
In establishing the purpose, audience and content criteria, SOP 98-2 says a joint activity must meet all three to report the activity's costs as other than fundraising.
As far as I'm concerned,'' said UCLA thrower Jake Knight, ``this meet is when the season starts.
Schools must meet minimum proficiency, test participation and graduation rates.
The swap meet opened in 1983, a track record long enough to qualify it as a San Fernando Valley institution since it has survived economic cycles and a changing retail landscape that forced some bigger centers out of business or into major makeovers.
1 in state Division II, swept the first four places for the second straight league meet as senior Nick Zoetewey covered the 3-mile course in 16:24, followed by juniors Jameson Mora (16:28) and Luke Llamas (16:30) and sophomore Ryan Morgan (16:30).