meet halfway

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That means I'm opposed to it," Ozawa said after he and Noda failed to meet halfway over the prime minister's tax hike proposal during their 60-minute meeting.
Upon mishandling the Lokpal movement, the government's willing to meet halfway its version of a strong ombudsman.
"We didn't want to have the budget stalled further and this is why we agreed to meet halfway with the minister, although the government is in a win-win situation considering that we are providing services to the community.
Democrats and Republicans in Congress to meet halfway and agree on a budget
I hope we will meet halfway with the Commission if they show the same good will," Bagis said.
But a week before the wedding, the Royal Court finally announced a compromise, citing the design of the church as the decisive factor - Victoria and her groom would meet halfway to the altar.
That is our present reality, accepted without emotions and cosmetics which mean that Greece and Macedonia must withdraw from their firm positions and meet halfway. On the other hand, the biggest delusion is that the great forces will pressure Greece to give in.
"We agreed to meet halfway between our homes - Junction 16 of the M5 at Bristol.
Or, we could meet halfway with Israeli reformers with an Additional Member System.
If your child has already got into a pattern of constantly being on the computer you may need to rethink your approach so you meet halfway. Consider what interests your child has and encourage them to get involved in other activities.
He does - to everyone's relief and astonishment - but we arrange to meet halfway, at a place called Congleton, in a pub car park.
So how did the two countries manage to meet halfway and agree to the resumption of summit talks?