meet payments

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The country has been struggling to meet payments on a 2012 deal by the Obama administration to sell $112 billion in weapons over eight years due to low oil prices and the Yemeni conflict, he noted.
This helped the government to meet payments to health care workers, fund efforts to halt the epidemic, and then restore basic services.
But Gotesco failed to meet payments, prompting the central bank to file a motion for execution, allowing regulators to seize Gotesco assets.
Given the attitude of the Tsipras administration, its biting words, its lack of commitment and its tenacity in managing to meet payments when due -- Brussels may be reluctant to ease terms.
Helpline adviser Nadeem Khan says: "I spoke to a lady sick with worry because she couldn't meet payments and felt too ashamed to ask for help.
This money, which supports the PA budget, is fungible to meet payments for imprisoned and released (terrorists.
We all remember tales of buyers being lent high sums with little chance of being able to meet payments.
Now debt advisors in the city are urging people starting the New Year struggling to meet payments to seek assistance at the earliest possible time.
One of the big issues is the number of times that a loan is rolled over, or extended, if the borrower can't meet payments to clear the loan by the end of the initial term.
And while a brief club statement insists it was their decision and it may be reviewed at a later date, Coventry have accused the Perry Barr club of failing to meet payments.
The latest big name retailer to struggle is sports chain JJB and it had been rumoured that advisors KPMG had been trying to push through a sale before quarter day as the firm would not be able to meet payments due this week.
8220;Borrowers familiar with their credit history have a better idea of how a bank is likely to rate them in terms of reliability and their ability to meet payments, which, needless to say, makes for spositive relationships between credit institutions and their clients.