meet the bill

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On both occasions Fred had felt confident that he should meet the bill himself, having ample funds at disposal in his own hopefulness.
Council chiefs are considering a hotel tax on visitors the first in the UK to help meet the bill.
Cllr Chris Bithell added: "We haven't got the funding in this local authority to meet the bill for it in this current climate.
He said that PS750 had already been raised to help pay for the accommodation expenses and an evening meal for 25 town criers from all around the country, but more money was needed to meet the bill.
Taxpayers will fear the extra strain on their purses and workers will worry their jobs may be axed to meet the bill.
Nearly three-quarters would also be prepared to sell their home to meet the bill.
The train operator is expected to pay pounds 1bn to the Government to run the flagship service, but there are fears it could mean ticket price rises and job cuts to meet the bill.
WORK-HORSES should be tough and good value - and few heavy-duty off-roaders meet the bill as well as the Sorento, writes PAUL MYLES.
Whereas the Wolves/Kevin Muscat case with Matty Holmes, which I mentioned last week, was paid for through insurance, in future clubs or players could have to meet the bill for losing a damages lawsuit from their own coffers.
A local company stepped in to meet the bill, but that sponsorship has now run out.
The other 3 Rs, published by the Family Education Trust, seemed to meet the bill.
Announcing the compensation, company President Masataka Shimizu said victims had his "heartfelt apologies", adding the firm would reduce costs to meet the bill.