meet the demands

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"WORTHY OF IMITATION.--A distinguished gentleman of this city, H H , Esquire, having been compelled to SUSPEND, in consequence of the late robbery of the Bank of the United States by the cold-blooded miscreant whose hoary head disgraces the White House, felt himself bound to return an article of dress, purchased as recently as yesterday by his lovely daughter, and who, in every respect, was entitled to wear it, as she would have adorned it, receiving back the price, with a view to put it in the fund he is already collecting to meet the demands of his creditors.
The arrangement of his wholesale warehouse, so that it might be always ready to meet the demands of retail dealers history here, geography there, astronomy to the right, political economy to the left--natural history, the physical sciences, figures, music, the lower mathematics, and what not, all in their several places--this care had imparted to his countenance a look of care; while the habit of questioning and being questioned had given him a suspicious manner, or a manner that would be better described as one of lying in wait.
At first, he was dead of all the diseases that ever were known, and of several bran-new maladies invented with the speed of Light to meet the demand of the occasion.
In a statement on Tuesday, the President HCSTSI said small traders and industrialists need quality manufacturing and packing in order to meet the demands of international market and it could be possible only when SME banks would provide loans on low mark up rate with easy terms and condition.
Summary: The Unions and Leagues of Land Transport staged nationwide protests Thursday in front of vehicle registration centers across Lebanon, to pressure the state to meet the demands of Lebanese taxi and truck drivers.
Baghdad, Iraq (NINA) - The head of the National Alliance Ammar al-Hakim stressed the need to meet the demands of demonstrators and peaceful demonstrations.
Responding to another question from MP Rantuana, the assistant minister said Magope standpipes were serviced on a regular basis so that they become fully operational to meet the demands of the population.
Pro Custom Solar, LLC will be able to meet the demands of its growing workforce with the expansion of its lease at 325 High St., executed by Colliers International Group Inc.'s Woodbridge Office.
Summary: New Delhi [India], June 22 (ANI): The External Affairs Ministry (MEA) on Thursday assured that evacuation of Indians is not needed in view of the ongoing developments in Qatar, adding that the number of commercial flights are being increased to meet the demands of Indians wishing to travel home during Ramzan.
LETTER FROM THE PAST No money to meet the demands THE Government's publicity campaign aimed at encouraging people to seek home improvement grants has come at a time when many local authorities do not have enough money to meet existing applications.
Work is being done on producing better chia seeds in Nicaragua in order to meet the demands of international buyers, reports (March 5, 2014).
As officials failed to meet the demands, the two newspapers were not published Tuesday due to the one-day strike by the foundationA's workers, the first such event in the history of the two dailies.