meet the specifications

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Of course if they meet the specifications also,' he said.
chemical reactants that meet the specifications (description) according to clause 5 of annex 1 to the documents of the procedure for requesting price proposals 0.
04 : 54 PM - 28/07/2018 Manama, July 28 (BNA): The Customs Affairs has sent a technical team to China to examine four container scanning devices to ensure that they meet the specifications and conditions mentioned in the supply contract.
It produces a wide variety of products globally to meet the specifications of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and aftermarket customers.
"We produce many products that meet the specifications and the requirements of our clients, for instance, we produce naphtha, gas oil 0.5 per cent and 500 part per million (ppm) along with bunker fuel oil that meets Asia Specification," says Al Gouhi.
All sheets can be custom cut or configured to meet the specifications of a wide variety of applications," Acrilex reports,
This grade is also said to exhibit good dimensional tolerances that meet the specifications of the part and vehicle to ensure a high-quality fit and finish, which is different for each model.
Low aging and very high 5.0 g shock and vibration resistance combine to make this device ideal to meet the specifications of the high-reliable market applications.
In his new position, Yanagisawa will be responsible for procurement of shrimp from a global network of farms and processing companies that meet the specifications of Trans-Ocean's U.S.
In common with all of Lab M's Fraser Broth range, they meet the specifications of the ISO 11290 standard for the detection and enumeration of Listeria monocytogenes.
For the past 10 years of the law's enforcement, private companies could compete for a government contract only when FPI's 111 production plants were at full capacity or unable to meet the specifications of the contract.
Expert witnesses for the plaintiff testified that BIC lighters did not meet the specifications of the CPSC standard for child resistance.