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Such proposals shall be initiated, signed and presented to the secretary of CalCPA by 50 3% or more CPA members or by the CalCPA Council and may be voted upon at the Annual Meeting, a special meeting of the CalCPA members or by ballot, as determined by the CalCPA Council.
Although no associations were found for females' casual partnerships in the multivariate analysis, meeting at work was associated in the bivariate analysis with decreased odds of ethnicity discordance; Hispanics and Asians had increased odds of discordance with casual partners.
After numerous appeals for aid, Penn threatened that he would conduct "no more protracted meetings until the 'Nickel Church' is paid e for.
The replacement of a monarchy by a government of a relatively large group of mandated and, in principle, equal, meeting participants thus promoted predominantly peaceful, more businesslike and less personal meeting manners.
At the same time, the IIF holds its Annual Meeting over the IMF-World Bank weekend providing delegates with very valuable insights from minister of finance and central bankers while the Group of 30 holds a packed out international banking seminar at the Federal Reserve Board on the Monday morning giving the guests a full briefing about what is happening to the world economy and markets.
have organized a pre-meeting for health ministers, people with AIDS, activists, health care providers and others in Burkina Faso, in early May, shortly before the World Health Assembly meeting in Geneva.
Start on time, end on time," should be the motto of every meeting.
If the questions pertains to only one person, suggest that the question be raised after the meeting so that you avoid infringing upon everyone else's time.
Association for Molecular Pathology 2005 Annual Meeting.
moderated the chapter's annual TEI/IRS evening meeting held on March 20.