meeting standards

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The findings came in an inquiry into maternity services, which found most women satisfied with their care and services generally meeting standards.
Library Research with Emergent Readers: Meeting Standards Through Collaboration" is a complete and comprehensive guide to teaching library research skills to younger readers and how to meet the standards that all modern American libraries must meet.
Fordham Foun dation, the biggest concern about IAPs is that they'll slowly morph into a tracking system, where kids having trouble meeting standards won't be given extra resources to catch up, but will be moved into a less rigorous set of courses instead.
The assessment resource assists teachers in evaluating their competency and progress in meeting Standards II, III, IV and V.
90% believe that after-school tutoring should be offered to students if a school does not show progress toward meeting standards.
Through their office network, the company is contracted to provide client assurances that services received from third party contractors are meeting standards and that contractors are complying with their obligations.
Under the plan, the district commits to meeting standards set by the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, a set of environmentally friendly building guidelines developed by the U.
Clear drinking water flowing from a household tap may contain large numbers of bacteria and other microorganisms, despite meeting standards set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), say two researchers at the University of Missouri at Columbia (UMC).
Children who are not meeting standards on large scale, high stakes assessment are entering the referral mill for special education.
The consulting teacher decides if the candidate has improved or is still not meeting standards.