meeting standards

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In this regard, BCCI stressed on the importance of abiding by the new food requirements and meeting standards, and called all relevant local food producers to attend this vital seminar.
Yet, under current rules, meeting standards isn't enough.
Accountable Care Organizations share with Medicare any savings generated from lowering the growth in health care costs, while meeting standards for quality of care, according to Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius.
The findings came in an inquiry into maternity services, which found most women satisfied with their care and services generally meeting standards.
The financial watchdog in South Korea has suspended four banks in the nation for not meeting standards.
It also provides safe and secure services meeting standards established by various industrial regulations.
He sees it as another failure in the government's obligation for 'duty to consult' and states that Bill S-11 burdens chiefs with the responsibility of meeting standards with inadequate resources.
"Library Research with Emergent Readers: Meeting Standards Through Collaboration" is a complete and comprehensive guide to teaching library research skills to younger readers and how to meet the standards that all modern American libraries must meet.
Wolverhampton is the only university in the West Midlands to receive accreditation from the Society, based on meeting standards in laboratory analysis, crime scene investigation and the interpretation and evaluation of evidence.
Patients and the public will have easy access to information on how well independent healthcare providers are meeting standards thanks to a website.
Fordham Foun dation, the biggest concern about IAPs is that they'll slowly morph into a tracking system, where kids having trouble meeting standards won't be given extra resources to catch up, but will be moved into a less rigorous set of courses instead.
The Guidelines call for an elusive 20 % sample size of a given program assessed, indicating how many students fell into the following groupings: 80% Exceeding Standards; 75-79% Meeting Standards; 70-74% Approaching Standards; Below 70% Not Meeting the Standards.