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During December 20, 2012-March 19, 2013, a total of 62 notifications of measles cases meeting the case definition were received in residents of Barnet (8 cases), Hackney (47), and Haringey (7).
Among the 32 counselors, 19 (17 confirmed, two suspected) (59%) had illness meeting the case definition, 11 (34%) were symptomatic with fever and at least one additional symptom, and 10 (31%) sought medical care for their symptoms.
Primary symptoms reported among the 20 ill persons meeting the case definition included fatigue (100%), fever or chills (95%), and headache (95%) (Table 1).
As expected, fewer persons who did not have illness meeting the case definition had discrete onset of symptoms or laboratory evidence of liver injury; however, because these criteria are included in the case definition for hepatitis A, tests of statistical significance for differences between the two groups were not performed.