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Thus, Danufil(R) ProShade(R) melange yarn offers clear benefits for the dyeing process: a selected range of Levafix(R) and Remazol(R) dyes allows a salt-free dyeing process.
Dunn," another sweet romance novella set to be released through Melange Books.
Chef Lan Bradeen's revamped Melange marries culinary magic, inventive cocktails and excellent service in a sleek and friendly Main Street space that keeps the good times rolling until 2 in the morning.
The company has also started exports of cotton and melange yarn in recent months.
Sunarri will make a nice horse in time, he is just learning the game at the minute and he has less experience than Melange.
In 2005, SPS procured equipment and began rendering the melange harmless.
This melange is involved in the terrane assemblage of the NW Iberian Massif, which is mainly included in the so-called allochthonous complexes of Galicia-Tras-os-Montes.
Thanks to community support, Melange continues to flourish, with upcoming fundraisers like Mimosas with Melange and the Sugar Plum Tea balancing the budget.
The Pastry Melange is a continental-style fat, which blends the best quality margarine and natural butter.
Large stocks of a highly toxic mix of rocket fuel chemicals, called melange, were abandoned in Armenia and throughout the former Soviet Union.
Penterman transforms fresh milk from her family's farm into 12 varieties of Gouda: Cumin, Mustard Yellow, Black Melange, Burning Nettle, Burning Melange, Onion/Garlic, Italian Herb, Smoked, Garden Herb, Black Pepper, Foenegreek and classic, unflavored Gouda.