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Finally, it also presents a dynamic context for the generation of the tectonic melange related to the activity of an important subduction zone, a characteristic in most ophiolitic melanges.
2008): Basal subduction tectonic erosion (STE), butter melanges, and the construction and exhumation of HP-UHP belts: The Alps example and some comparisons.
In the NW Iberian Massif, the Somozas Melange is the only tectonic melange identified to date.
Based on the discontinuous character of its lithologies at regional scale, the Somozas Melange was firstly described as a fragmented ophiolite, (Arenas, 1985; Arenas et al.
The Somozas Melange contains two different subunits (Fig.
The igneous rocks involved in the Somozas Melange do not generally preserve their primary mineralogy.
Pastry Melange is available in cases of five individually wrapped 2kg platters for convenient storage and application.
To the west the Hurricane Mountain melange is bounded by the Boil Mountain ophiolite complex, and on the southeast it is overlain by the Dead River flysch.
The matrix of the Hurricane Mountain melange includes mafic volcanic, felsic volcanic, metasedimentary and serpentinite blocks.
Le melange du mont Hurricane, au Maine, marque la zone de suture entre les terranes presumes du mont Boundary et de Gander.
Les blocs l'interieu de la matrice du melange du mont Hurricane comprennent des roches volcanomafiques, des roches volcanofelsiques, des blocs metasedimentaires et des serpentinites.
The Hurricane Mountain melange is seen in outcrop for approximately 160 km from the Thrasher peaks of northern New Hampshire to the northeastern edge of Moosehead Lake in central Maine.