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Votre musique est un melange de musique traditionnelle et de musique actuelle, on le voit bien a travers les instruments, comment en etes-vous arrive a ce choix musical?
Au depart, on faisait un melange de musique mais on s'est rendu compte que la fusion n'etait pas vraiment ce que l'on voulait faire et qu'en realite, on voulait travailler autour de textes, de melodies et de rythmes.
Her survey of these additions concludes that some were added directly to works when there was room in the Melanges to notate them; others were included in later volumes with directions indicating the pieces to which they belonged.
A number of essays apply particular methodologies to the Melanges as a springboard for understanding various aspects of "Charpentier's world.
Also during 2007, an article devoted to Servais appeared in the Melanges d'histoire du conservatoire royal by Paul Raspe.
The first chapter of the Melanges contains detailed descriptions of nineteenthcentury archival documents of the Brussels conservatoire that, until now, were not accessible as they were considered to be private property.
The Optinature Pastry and Cake Melanges have been designed to complement the existing range of fats already offered by BakeMark UK.
It is interesting to note that several melanges in the northern Appalachian orogen form a curvilinear trend (c.
Histoire et litterature au siecle de Montaigne: Melanges offerts a Claude-Gilbert Dubois.
Salads are also prevalent, from artichoke melanges to seaweed crunchies to rice noodle mixtures.
But they are out there, and there are plenty of them, not necessarily as handsome as the original Cobb, but certainly colorful melanges all.
The other 12 look at melange generation in oceanic fracture zones in abyssal settings, melange formation associated with subduction initiation, and melange development in subduction-accretion complexes and in collisional settings.