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But in a significant twist on the old grammar school structure, Mr Melding suggested pupils would not be required to sit an exam to gain entry and they would instead be free to choose as they wished.
Mr Melding, chair of the committee, said: "It is impenetrable for the ordinary citizen.
Mr Melding said in his written evidence: "The constitutional future of Britain will in large part be determined by the result of the referendum on Scottish independence.
But Mr Melding says he doesn't think there will be a "showdown" over the law.
Mr Melding, pictured, will make the 8,000-mile visit to the South Atlantic as an official guest of the Falkland Islands Government.
Opposition leader Nick Bourne said: "As we get closer to the Assembly election, the group has agreed that we should take the opportunity to allow David Melding to expand his work on the party's manifesto.
Dorado exemplifies the melding of high technology experience to the specialized and often arcane requirements of mortgage banking," said Jeff Lebowitz, president, MORTECH LLC.
Deputy Presiding Officer David Melding, who wrote the last three Welsh Conservative manifestos, said, in an essay for WalesOnline, that even though the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) were "bound to irritate" governments from time to time, it was the "price of international law" that its judgements were binding, otherwise "its authority would evaporate overnight".
That's the view of Deputy Presiding Officer David Melding in a major new book published today.
Conservative David Melding, who has been a regional AM for South Wales Central since the Assembly was set up in 1999, has announced he will be seeking nomination for the Vale of Glamorgan, which Labour's Jane Hutt has held over the same period.
David Melding asked Rural Affairs Minister Elin Jones what was being done to make the traditional Welsh delicacy available in exclusive west London shops.
By melding traditional offline marketing efforts with online methods for their most important processes -- donor acquisition, retention and stewardship -- nonprofits will be more successful.