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Mr Melding said the new system was hard enough for lawyers to pick apart let alone the Welsh public.
But Mr Melding says he doesn't think there will be a "showdown" over the law.
Mr Melding will be sponsoring a breakfast meeting on the bus at 8.
Mr Melding, who has written about the case for a federal Britain, made his submission to the McKay Commission, which is investigating the impact of devolution on the House of Commons.
The success of melding federal technical and scientific resources, which are unknown to local and state responders, with state and local personnel and resources will occur only through the management skills of the state ICS incident commanders and the SAC.
Deputy Presiding Officer David Melding, who wrote the last three Welsh Conservative manifestos, said, in an essay for WalesOnline, that even though the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) were "bound to irritate" governments from time to time, it was the "price of international law" that its judgements were binding, otherwise "its authority would evaporate overnight".
That's the view of Deputy Presiding Officer David Melding in a major new book published today.
THE National Assembly's Deputy Presiding Officer David Melding is to represent Wales in the Falkland Islands as they commemorate the 30th anniversary of the liberation of Port Stanley from Argentine occupation.
Mr Millar replaces David Melding who is writing the party's manifesto for next year's election.
With the unprecedented torrent of raw images and spectra flowing into databases from the world's telescopes and a novel melding of powerful computers, whatever an astronomer desires may soon be just a click away.
The result is a perfect melding of image and sound - and a perfect melding of Newman's classical compositional style and his improvisational impulses.
Dorado exemplifies the melding of high technology experience to the specialized and often arcane requirements of mortgage banking," said Jeff Lebowitz, president, MORTECH LLC.