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Lipinski is currently a Scientific Advisor to Melior Discovery a drug repurposing biotech and carries out his medicinal chemistry consulting.
Similarly to the heroine of the Life of Saint Agnes, Melior is presented from two points of view, as a maiden and a magician, an enchantress not a witch, yet there is in the story a different figure who most definitely merits the name.
The young woman then explains she is Melior, daughter of the Emperor of Byzantium and that she has orchestrated the effects that brought him to her kingdom, because, finding herself under pressure to marry, she has selected him as her future husband.
He resists rescue and return to civilization, just as Beritola does, and only relents when Uraque invents a story that Melior has forgiven him (245, 6067).
1-6): "Dissimulem, Rainalde, mones, iramque prementem / contineam, donec melior mi tempore quondam / se fortuna dabit.
8) "Est quoddam per imbecillitatem, praeeunte Apostolo, ad maximas vires iter: sim ego debilissimus, dummodo in mea debilitate immortalis ille et melior vigor eo se efficacius exerat; dummodo in meis tenebris divini vultus lumen eo clarius eluceat; tum enim infirmissimus ero simul et validissimus, caecus eodem tempore et perspicacissimus; hac possim ego infirmitate consummari, hac perfici, possim in hac obscuritate sic ego irradiari.
del publick bone et le melior execution des leys, et nemy en ouster
MELIOR WHITEAR, Nacro, the crime reduction charity Lead Partner
Melior Whitear, of Justice Month, said: "We want a wide range of volunteers applying.
Optarem, si ex alto datum esset, vel me in tuam vel te in nostram etatem incidisse, ut vel etas ipsa vel ego per te melior fierem.
RH Amar chief executive David Melior said: "For almost six decades, RH Amar has built its business by finding speciality foods and bringing them to the UK consumer.
The demon is asked explicitly whether the Dominicans are inferior to the Franciscans ('Estne maior et melior ordo Minorum quam Predicatorum?