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As such, North Toward Home could be understood as being well on the road to enacting what Barbara Ladd has argued the best work in new Southern studies can do: in Morris's book, "the apartness of the South is meliorated, and the North (i.
Spahr's view of the activist, radical side of Transcendentalism is also relevant to Nikhil Bilwakesh's essay on Emerson's 1844 essay, "The Young American," which points toward an "economic cosmopolitanism" in which the shortcomings of industrial capitalism are meliorated by an "instructive" view of public works that includes communistic features.
Even though references to flight are frequent in scene three (lines 266-71, 594-99, 643-45, 877-82, 905-10), Byron is curiously silent about the verses of Psalm 139 that follow, which might have meliorated the gloom:
What Benshoff terms Price's typical "Expressionist" acting style is meliorated here by the givens of the story.
Incentives to private sector, easy credit, emphasis on value added exports, cheaper power, good governance, improved infrastructure facilities and meliorated law and order situation are some of the basic ingredients for accelerating production.
Theodicy issues are meliorated because God limits his power (humans and nature have a considerable degree of autonomy) and because God acts in the world by persuasion and enticement rather than by direct causality.
With the exception of three poems, Terayama's works are virtually unavailable in English, a woeful situation that should have been meliorated by the appearance of the work under review, for Terayama's poetry is often startlingly evocative.
Clinton has meliorated some of the problems that historically have vexed second-term presidents.
This situation can be meliorated by reference to the knowledge of professional and medical ethics developed particularly in the last thirty years.