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Noninstrumental meliorating virtues are those that can be said to make common life more tolerable.
Verbal skillfulness is a logical extension of the Buddhist concept of upaya ("skillful means"), and it seems best characterized as a mediating meliorating virtue as Pincoffs identifies the term.
Temperamental meliorating virtues would certainly seem to be valuable in monastic life, and we can discern some of them in the SZ, such as the mention of the Buddha's gentleness amidst a discussion of how to treat one's fellow students (SZ 3.
Promotion of good dispositions such as affinity, appreciativeness, adaptability, even-temperedness, and so forth seem to be intended here, and maybe we would see evidence of more temporal meliorating virtues if we perused the Eihei Shingi further--but that task is outside the scope of this article.
Meliorating wastewater treatment quality is the effective response to the water challenges facing China.
There are substantial natural resources, and plentiful scope exists in the country for meliorating agricultural productivity and a ready market for an expanded manufacturing and service sector.
A strategic plan of 2013-2016 has been introduced by the Public Security Department (PSD), which is targeted at curbing crimes, combating drugs, raising traffic safety, meliorating performance of PSD members and formulating the security media.
5 million was presented to the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency, Scioto Water, Inc in loans, which is targeted at meliorating service.
5 million grant, it would help the government in meliorating, program budgeting, public procurement
It will be concentrating on issues like meliorating mental health hospital care, tackling physical health problems and helping people with mental illness get into employment.