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Meliorating wastewater treatment quality is the effective response to the water challenges facing China.
There are substantial natural resources, and plentiful scope exists in the country for meliorating agricultural productivity and a ready market for an expanded manufacturing and service sector.
A strategic plan of 2013-2016 has been introduced by the Public Security Department (PSD), which is targeted at curbing crimes, combating drugs, raising traffic safety, meliorating performance of PSD members and formulating the security media.
5 million grant, it would help the government in meliorating, program budgeting, public procurement
It will be concentrating on issues like meliorating mental health hospital care, tackling physical health problems and helping people with mental illness get into employment.
A range of initiatives is being executed by the Narita Airport (N) for meliorating the airport experience for non-Japanese customers.
Pincoffs describes these virtues as a varied lot, and he divides them up into three major subdivisions: aesthetic, meliorating, and moral.
The American Society for Meliorating the Condition of the Jews which, founded in 1820, had changed its name (dropping "evangelizing" for "meliorating") to mask its conversionist intent in order to be able to incorporate in New York, focused its efforts on new Jewish immigrants.
Global and regional governance on the one side and Corporate Social Responsibility and international standards on the other have had only minor meliorating effects on the anti-labour tendencies of the world economy.
If the drainage in a wet forest is improved and the soil becomes dryer after meliorating by the underground mining, trees may even increase their radial increment.
What meliorating effect, pray tell, did this "Anglosphere" have upon Eisenhower's clobbering of Anthony Eden in the Suez affair?
The Old Testament Jews, Coleridge contended, did not believe that sacrifice truly operated as a "cause" on the Deity or nature, but rather believed that it functioned "merely as a means of meliorating our own Hearts.