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As noted above, the hermetic vein, with which theurgy must in some way be connected, is expressed by the meliorative view to matter, explaining why the impact of the oracles on Neoplatonists can most generally be described as inducing them to see the marks of God already in sensible matter (although, it has to be remembered, the Neoplatonic theurgy was a multiplane concept and contained beside lower magic also its highly religious component).
The Narrative shows Dorothy to be far less congratulatory about the generosity of the inhabitants of Grasmere and far less sanguine about the meliorative effects of private charity than her brother's preface, and prevailing readings of the Narrative, would suggest.
Ronsard and Pontus de Tyard Speaking as Women"; Francois Rigolot, "Ronsard et la theorie meliorative de l'imitation"; Philip Ford, "What Song the Sirens Sang.
lessons of Fate" can be interpreted as meliorative, as guides to mastering its forces.
The author explains somaesthetics as a philosophical discipline dedicated to the critical, meliorative study of the body as a locus of sensory-aesthetic appreciation (aisthesis) and creative self-fashioning.
Little painstakingly relates how maternal feminist ideology, combined with bourgeois women's sentiments of racial and class superiority, firmly planted the roots of a policy that was less meliorative for single mothers than restrictive and regulatory.
Bobbie Ann Mason is even less sanguine than Stone, but more meliorative than Herr when she says that based on the time it took for Southern writers to respond to the Civil War, it will probably take a hundred years before Americans "really come to terms" with the Vietnam war (176).