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Agbetsoamedo (2011: 21) glosses their meaning invariably as 'small meliorative'.
The meliorative processes of stare decises and the common law lend themselves to preserving and revising form, but only literary judges like Holmes can endow form with a function: to excite or provoke.
This is very much in the spirit of the 'meliorative' approach to social improvement implied by Peters:
That longing, if its premises are widely embraced, must be made tangible in extra-aesthetic political projects, but the artwork that heralds such potential future constructs ought to be heeded in the present in order to recognize and act upon the meliorative promise it holds out.
This attitude of, say, meliorative pseudo-science entails that the search for the One in Hermetism, cast like in Gnosticism and Neoplatonism in the form a transcendent God, is additionally chimed in with a secret wish of ennobling the matter, to use the vocabulary of alchemy, through gradual opus magnum to its highest ontological possibility - ultima materia.
Prime Minister Igor Chudinov on Wednesday signed the action plan to improve meliorative condition of irrigated land in Kyrgyzstan in 2009-2010.According to the Government, the size of unsuitable land in meliorative sense is growing in Kyrgyzstan reaching 106.8 thousand hectares by the beginning of 2008.
Michel Foucault's caution that not consciousness but material practice should be the target of meliorative critique provides a reminder of the importance of resisting the temptation offered by total theories, whether of history, capital, dialectic, or even desire.
137); yetHuidobro suggests that between the English and theFrench theorist, the terms abstract and concrete can cast off their starkly pejorative and meliorative connotations.
Wider use of silver birch and black alder, due to its fast growth and meliorative properties, is recommended for such areas [3-7].
I will explore some of the reasons for this neglect, and argue that, while cogent, they do not establish the inadvisability of constructing "meliorative" epistemological strategies for the folk.
We can find our way back to that visionary, aspirational language, but the way back takes us through a dozen meliorative tasks like restoring fiscal sanity, preventing the collapse of the employer-provided health-care system, modernizing entitlements, restoring the tax structure of the end of the 20th century, ending the war in Iraq, rescuing our country's international reputation, and dealing with the real consequences of global warming.
In this way, for example, diminutives and augmentatives often acquire pejorative or meliorative overtones, which eventually may become associated with the respective patterns themselves (cf.