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selection of a contractor organization for the development of design and estimate documentation for the object: modernization of the boiler room meliorator in the city of dobrush 1 object (s) 15,000 byn
Within the framework of the conference program, Russian meliorators got acquainted with scientific and industrial crops on the rice irrigation system of the All-Russian Rice Research Institute, visited the laboratories of the Institute, evaluated the selection, seed and demonstration crops of rice varieties, discussed the development of agrotechnics for new varieties of rice and elements of intensive technology for cultivating this crop .
This is a very young water object - the lake was formed in 1975 as a result of the flood of the Sulak River and periodic discharges of meliorators by surplus water from the Chagar Canal.
Accomplishment involves the lighting of the streets of the Sekiotovskaya and Meliorators, the installation of "lying policemen" on the road sections, the construction of a children's playground in the wasteland, the installation of benches, urns, and railing.