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And through it all is Mapfumo's mellifluent, authoritative and deeply moving vocals, complemented by counterpoints from the three-piece female chorus.
Before editing this special section, I could not have imagined that 50 writers could praise a single person in the mellifluent diversity with which the 50 scholars and students who wrote for this section commemorate Nellie Yvonne McKay.
As a result, a sense of mellifluent monotony is achieved and paired with an unmistakable improvisatory quality that characterizes most Greek folk music.
The mellifluent medic is using her finely-tuned vocal talents to deliver a dose of musical therapy to patients and staff at Hexham General Hospital in Northumberland.
The repetition of the mellifluent sounds at the end of these long, rolling lines--which at once seem to reject boundaries, even as they are end-stopped before each new stanza--becomes a soul-changing incantation.