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The result is not as swift, perhaps, as the strong blank verse of Robert Fitzgerald, or the more mellifluent verse of Allen Mandelbaum.
And through it all is Mapfumo's mellifluent, authoritative and deeply moving vocals, complemented by counterpoints from the three-piece female chorus.
Before editing this special section, I could not have imagined that 50 writers could praise a single person in the mellifluent diversity with which the 50 scholars and students who wrote for this section commemorate Nellie Yvonne McKay.
As a result, a sense of mellifluent monotony is achieved and paired with an unmistakable improvisatory quality that characterizes most Greek folk music.
The mellifluent medic is using her finely-tuned vocal talents to deliver a dose of musical therapy to patients and staff at Hexham General Hospital in Northumberland.