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Much like their usual incarnation, mellifluous guitar lines duelled and intertwined, although much more subdued than usual, nevertheless snaking between the rumbling bass while motorik rhythms - on this occasion played with brushes for the requisite subtle mood - provided the signature krautrock theme, even without the nominal searing guitars.
But if you're a pop act looking to the turf for inspiration then there are surely more mellifluous names to adopt.
A poignantly mellifluous album, highly recommended.
Back in the days of black and white, Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland made their early careers in films where they played precociously talented youngsters with mellifluous singing voices who were determined to put on a production.
He was well aware that his "silly ass" persona - the mellifluous, pretend-posh plummy voice, the s-s-s-tammer, pop eyes and cantilevered eyebrows - was his fortune.
Sarah Cox as Despina is a true scheming partner with Andrew Slater's mellifluous Don Alfonso, although occasional worrying strain on high notes marred otherwise smooth control from tenor Gardar Thor Cortes, and again, Rachel Nicholl's top notes as lively Dorabella were frequently over-loud.
Directed by Martin Baker, the Westminster choristers sing with mellifluous elegance, and at times a refreshingly throaty openness of tone, in a clear, well-balanced recording.
Ruth Bolister plays both works with mellifluous grace and flawless technique, though not much emotional involvement.