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A poignantly mellifluous album, highly recommended.
Mellifluous German bass Reinhard Hagen sang Landgraf Hermann.
Overshadowed by "Candle in the Wind 1997," the gazillion-selling Princess Diana tribute single, Picture was in fact a terrific collection of what has become John's signature in his post-rocker, post-closet years: mellifluous love songs and soaring ballads.
The only way one can cope is with the more mellifluous orchestral sounds.
These "modest efforts" are songs which have shaped the relationships of millions, introspective meditations coupled with mellifluous melodies have succoured couples, comforted the broken hearted and reassured us that everybody hurts.
The flute is smooth and mellifluous, and the supporting instruments, especially the harpsichord, sound quite natural.
Kurson's expert writing and Prichard's mellifluous voice (he is this reviewer's favorite long-book narrator) combine to create nail-biting suspense, even if the listener watched the PBS Nova episode and essentially knows the ending.
So Noah switched gears and answered in a mellifluous French accent.
He did not produce a big, muscular tone but played with mellifluous subtlety.
Cameron says: ``Tom has such a huge, mellifluous fun voice.
Elizabeth Cragg delivered her big soprano arias with capable display, James Oxley was the striking and intelligent tenor, and bass Giles Underwood sang with mellifluous authority.
Ark III Dance's Several in the Darkness is on the healing-arts end of the dance spectrum, but performer Kim Fowler's mellifluous voice and combined chutzpah and delicacy brought an irresistible dimension to a work that kept it from descending into purely confessional drama.