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McShane is also excellent, mellifluously delivering his lines.
I let Robert confess himself of certain crimes and peccadilloes he had perpetrated as an unpleasant youngster on the middling-rough streets of a certain neighborhood in Honolulu, the mellifluously ridiculous name of which I've already forgotten.
Those who prefer car chases and CGI explosions to mellifluously enunciated dialogue are advised to look elsewhere, but as suave drawing room comedies go, "Blithe Spirit," which enjoyed a revival on Broadway last year, is music to the ears.
Gretel and her friend Megan sang the national anthem mellifluously.
Angel wing jasmine slowly grows into a medium-size shrub (Jasminum nitidum) that flowers mellifluously and abundantly from spring to fall.
History has fated the surnames of Henry Marsh and Don McLennan to remain forever linked in tripping mellifluously off the tongue, but in Bogardus' telling, they had sharply contrasting personalities and just might not have eared for each other all that much.
I feel certain that the late Clement Freud, who added to the joviality of the Galway press-room in times past, would have been inspired to describe it mellifluously.
Christopher Parkening's eloquent guitar artistry will float mellifluously through the sanctuary of the historic San Buenaventura Mission.
Never mind his mellifluously fluent singing skills; his depiction of this put-upon lad progressing through debauchery to self-assertion was both comic and moving, and I'm sure we would all have liked to have taken him home.
First offered was a single large rectangular sheet of white paper, dated 2008, presenting a photographic image of a dancer in midballetic gesture, as pieces of roughly torn masking tape magically intimate mellifluously raised arms and, below, a beige skirt.
THERE are a number of good reasons for going to Folkestone races-its proximity to Westenhanger railway station (95 minutes from Charing Cross), the mellifluously patronising voice of the thespian on the public address system, and the clown who appears to suffer from an aggravated yo-yo fixation but is hugely appreciated by the children.
Walton's Crown Imperial displayed no obvious flaws, with its mellifluously unforced strings, crisply articulated brass and exciting swirly bits from the woodwind adding a sense of occasion.