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Of course, for many, Mearsheimer is not known most for his magisterial 2001 study The Tragedy of Great Power Politics, so mellifluously praised by Kaplan.
To Jessica, mellifluously, she suggests a bike trip with the Youth Group.
com), follow the mellifluously named tweets (@TheSchooner), and join our Facebook group (Fans and Friends of Prairie Schooner).
Those who prefer car chases and CGI explosions to mellifluously enunciated dialogue are advised to look elsewhere, but as suave drawing room comedies go, "Blithe Spirit," which enjoyed a revival on Broadway last year, is music to the ears.
McShane is also excellent, mellifluously delivering his lines.
I feel certain that the late Clement Freud, who added to the joviality of the Galway press-room in times past, would have been inspired to describe it mellifluously.
History has fated the surnames of Henry Marsh and Don McLennan to remain forever linked in tripping mellifluously off the tongue, but in Bogardus' telling, they had sharply contrasting personalities and just might not have eared for each other all that much.
Gretel and her friend Megan sang the national anthem mellifluously.
Angel wing jasmine slowly grows into a medium-size shrub (Jasminum nitidum) that flowers mellifluously and abundantly from spring to fall.
Though she still appears to be finding the full grasp of her quiet character, there's pleasure Go be had from Caldwell's regal poise and mellifluously husky delivery.
He was good with babies, spoke mellifluously and was an all-round softy.
Laurent (Josee Deschenes), friend of the late Marie-Claire, decides to make a film based on the case, employing Francois's next door neighbour, the mellifluously named actress Lucie Champagne (longtime Lepage collaborator and co-writer of Le Polygraphe, Marie Brassard) in a leading role.