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Growing your own eggplants has two rewards: the shiny purple fruit is attractive, and homegrown eggplants generally have a richer, mellower flavor than the ones you can buy at the market.
The "Ambient Salon" area will feature DJs specializing in this mellower form of techno offering a relaxing yet stimulating atmosphere for quiet discussions.
Instead, they prefer a mellower, pastoral shimmer, with the guitar sound echoing the amplifier emissions of contemplative string-slingers such as Bill Frisell, John Abercrombie or Ralph Towner.
Candy, Growing Up and Coming Up Easy were even mellower in this setting, although Last Request was the highlight.
7 per cent and gave the drink a mellower and fresher taste to compete with rival Strongbow.
Foo Fighters - Over and Out "Acoustic and ethereal, I love the softer mellower style this song brings.
Matt said: "The new material is sounding mellower, but darker, and has a more existential lyrical bent - although we'd still like to make miserable girls dance
Expect typical Springsteen - not the bombastic, Born to Run Springsteen, of course, but the mellower, more introspective and stripped-down version akin to Devils and Dust He's never going to appeal to everyone, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't buy this album.
There are few mellower places to hang out on a summer's night than the hills of Topanga, especially when the air fills with music.
Televison may be getting older and mellower, but they still deserve respect.
The street course is a little mellower, as the pros aren't on the same kind of kamikaze flail mission like some of the ams are.