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La carte et le territoire announces a mellower Houellebecq, positioning himself to receive established literary prizes rather than subpoenas for court appearances.
Instead, it moves back and forth, from lively, harmony-filled tunes like "If You Only Knew" and "Follow Me Into the Hills," to mellower tunes like "So Easily" and the utterly arresting "Slip Away.
And whilst this may have been fun, another side of you might appreciate a period when mellower vibes waft over your situation.
Almost everyone will agree that the stuff in the cheap cup is smoother, mellower, better-tasting than the stuf in the crystal glass.
Electricity" turns Flashdance-era synth-pop on its ear, with that trade-mark distorted bass synth and funky as all hell drum patterns that will get your ass shaking uncontrollably, The set-closing "Emerald Eyes" shows a softer, mellower side to the band, but is no less compelling, with its hypnotic heartbeat and emotionally raw lyrics.
At a local level, the Taliban are manoeuvring skilfully to fill the governance void, frequently offering a mellower version of localised leadership than their last stint in power.
Antidotes documents a mellower side to the band, with more varied textures and subtle moods.
Ironically, it's their big, intense taste profile that may have caused rye whiskeys to lose ground initially to the mellower, sweeter bourbons and soft, blended Scotches.
Singer-guitarist Colin Daly still yelps his way through the agitated, revved-up passages with all the conviction of the latest MySpace sensation, but he wisely favors a mellower register when tempos slow.
It was a tough act to follow but, despite departing Monkeys' fans and a mellower mood, the excellent Maximo Park did their best to rise to the challenge with powerful numbers like Apply Some Pressure and Going Missing accompanied by frenzied stage acrobatics.