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But leaving the mellower material for the first half, the show built in intensity towards the end with The Rat's howling barrage showing that age hasn't mellowed The Walkmen too much.
HABL is mellower than her previous music - there'd be something wrong if she was still as angry as she was on 1995's Jagged Little Pill - but the quality of songwriting is high.
For a dyed-in-the-wool adrenalin junkie, I've been forced to lead a much mellower life than I'd like to.
1968 A "mellower and wiser" Richard Nixon tells LIFE, "I won't wear a silly hat, or kiss a lady or a baby.
Eric Hughes, general manager, Costa Coffee, UAE, said: "Costa Light still contains the same premium Mocha Italia blend coffee our clients have come to expect from our products, but with the added benefits of a mellower flavour and deceptively rich texture, despite being made with skimmed milk.
You will just feel mellower, and in turn this can attract more mellow responses in your direction.
In contrast to a lot of these barrel-aged beers, it's not as overpowering, it's softer and mellower."
That means you can tackle the legendary steeps at Squaw through lunch, then catch the inter-resort shuttle to mellower Alpine for summit-to-base groomers.
Immerse yourself into a mellower and less hectic time and celebrate the atmosphere of late 19th and early 20th century Sofia with the Retro Sofia Fest - A guide to forgotten Sofia.
In Lynchburg, Tennessee, Jack Daniels' Jeff Arnett follows another tradition, filtering with sugar maple charcoal for a mellower taste.
"He is much mellower in his older age, but there is still a spark of rebellion lying in wait, ready to pounce" - Margaret Rhodes, cousin of the Queen on the Duke of Edinburgh.
La carte et le territoire announces a mellower Houellebecq, positioning himself to receive established literary prizes rather than subpoenas for court appearances.