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AS summer draws to a close it's time to take a fresh look at your wardrobe and revamp it ready for autumn, ditching ditszy floaty fabrics for a palette of warm colours, reflecting the season's mellowness and darker nights.
Due to the unique combination of soil and climate, in a 20-county production area in Georgia, these onions reign supreme in sweetness and mellowness. Toombs County, Georgia, is the birthplace of the Vidalia onion, and the entire state of Georgia has capitalized on its uniqueness and versatility, making it a premier crop and a revenue-producing commodity, including said festivals, pageants, and parties.
He has indeed been married and divorced, despite all his mellowness (though, to be fair, the Lakis in that first marriage wasn't necessarily the Lakis of today).
The intensely forest soil, under wood, mushroom and wet leave tasting teas from the mountain valleys in the south of the Huang Shan are named after their district in Anhui province, Keemun or Qimen teas which have been fetching many awards and medals for their outstanding mellowness and smooth flavor; they are said to be the only Chinese teas that allow the addition of milk.
However, alcohol is closely linked with violence and aggression, while marijuana calms and increases mellowness in users.
There is a mellowness of memory as well as a consciousness of a threatened future: "somewhere in that silent understanding / we lend ourselves to one another / knowing survival would be impossible / without it" ("Somewhere in the Eastern Sahara").
Peppadew Havarti fuses the mellowness of traditional Havarti with the sweet and savory taste of this unique and trendy South African fruit, resulting in a unique and delicious cheese.
This mellowness is in contrast to so many documentary programs about astronomy that focus on cosmic hot topics such that they become akin to tabloid television.
Alsop's interpretation favors the slow inner movements, with the Andante and Allegretto coming off smoothly and poetically but the outer movements lacking the grandeur of Klemperer or the mellowness of Boult.
"And there has been a mellowness in my management over the last 10 years, I would think.
This extra maturation of up to six months brings an incomparable mellowness to the blend.
Le Meridien, Rio de Janeiro Towering 37 stories over the white sands and Speedo-clad men of Copacabana, Le Meridien is the tallest hotel in the area, blending French cuisine and service with Brazilian mellowness. It even has a private section of the beach.