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However, alcohol is closely linked with violence and aggression, while marijuana calms and increases mellowness in users.
There is a mellowness of memory as well as a consciousness of a threatened future: "somewhere in that silent understanding / we lend ourselves to one another / knowing survival would be impossible / without it" ("Somewhere in the Eastern Sahara").
This mellowness is in contrast to so many documentary programs about astronomy that focus on cosmic hot topics such that they become akin to tabloid television.
Peppadew Havarti fuses the mellowness of traditional Havarti with the sweet and savory taste of this unique and trendy South African fruit, resulting in a unique and delicious cheese.
There has to be present in us a mellowness of spirit.
Alsop's interpretation favors the slow inner movements, with the Andante and Allegretto coming off smoothly and poetically but the outer movements lacking the grandeur of Klemperer or the mellowness of Boult.
And, at least for the course of our time with him, Carrey's go-with-the-flow, follow-your-bliss mellowness bears Schumacher out.
This extra maturation of up to six months brings an incomparable mellowness to the blend.
Le Meridien, Rio de Janeiro Towering 37 stories over the white sands and Speedo-clad men of Copacabana, Le Meridien is the tallest hotel in the area, blending French cuisine and service with Brazilian mellowness.
Even the soundtrack's mellowness and bitter tunes, and offbeat tempo leaning towards the banal dim-themed and grim-colored locations contributed to 21 Grams' charged up atmosphere.
The espresso is described as a rich coffee with a dark caramel twist, with the cafetiere blend full-bodied with a fruity mellowness.
Several halves of the local brew later, a mellowness set in and our stress just melted away.