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But in his attitude toward life he never reached full maturity (perhaps because of the supreme effort of will necessary for the maintenance of his cheerfulness); not only did he retain to the end a boyish zest for mere adventure, but it is sometimes adventure of a melodramatic and unnecessarily disagreeable kind, and in his novels and short stories he offers virtually no interpretation of the world.
Del Mar knew the theatre too well to venture any hackneyed melodramatic effect such as an electric torch.
Enter Napoleon, cocked hat, gray coat, high boots, folded arms, grim mouth, and a melodramatic stride.
Melodramatic Imperial Writing; From the Sepoy Rebellion to Cecil Rhodes
It should be noted that Hawthorne saw Kean perform Nahum Tate's 1681 highly melodramatic adaptation of Shakespeare's play, which Kurt Eisen calls "an archetype" of the dramatic genre favored most by Americans in the 1820s, the melodrama (Eisen 255).
Edward Norton stars as a white supremacist in this melodramatic picture full of emptily grand gestures.
The title track Guzaarish, is slow and the melodramatic radio clips ruins what would otherwise have been a romantic track.
Here is a story that skillfully combines family, romance, and coming of age, never allowing the story to become melodramatic despite it's sometimes melodramatic collection of teen characters.
I realise luvvie Lumley is regarded as a national heroine, but this was like being dragged along on a dull school outing by a melodramatic headmistress.
as a scarring point, this article argues char the melodramatic form
And there are some melodramatic moments fromthe likes of Meat Loaf, Lynyrd Skynyrd and Boston.
Is it just us or does the soap opera surrounding the Arkansas Razorbacks just keep on spitting out one melodramatic episode after the other?