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But in his attitude toward life he never reached full maturity (perhaps because of the supreme effort of will necessary for the maintenance of his cheerfulness); not only did he retain to the end a boyish zest for mere adventure, but it is sometimes adventure of a melodramatic and unnecessarily disagreeable kind, and in his novels and short stories he offers virtually no interpretation of the world.
These two would meet, there would be recriminations, a tragic appeal for forgiveness, possibly some melodramatic attempt at vengeance.
His entry was spectacular, melodramatic; and he knew it.
Del Mar knew the theatre too well to venture any hackneyed melodramatic effect such as an electric torch.
Enter Napoleon, cocked hat, gray coat, high boots, folded arms, grim mouth, and a melodramatic stride.
The 16th-century rivalry between cousins Mary Stuart (Saoirse Ronan) and Queen Elizabeth (Margot Robbie) makes for an often melodramatic film that shrewdly blends fact with fiction.
It is clear that Narendra Modi's call for Congress-mukt-Bharat, which he made back in 2004 when he was the prime ministerial candidate, was not just a melodramatic tool but a serious statement.
President Duterte is likely just being 'melodramatic' in saying he may not be able to finish his term, an opposition lawmaker said on Thursday.
Melodramatic timewaster with Jeremy London coming on like an out-of-condition Dale Cooper in Twin Peaks.
Melodramatic Imperial Writing; From the Sepoy Rebellion to Cecil Rhodes
His writing can often be hilarious, nerdy, melodramatic, heartbreaking, spiritual and deeply personal.
The film, which is melodramatic and slow-paced, deals with child trafficking.