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Allen added: "Flores fell to the ground melodramatically and held his face as opposed to the part of the body where contact was made.
He sits with his head in his hands, melodramatically trying to convey spiritual pain.
De Havilland reportedly saw her younger sister as a sneaky attention-getter, melodramatically playing sick and trying to outdo her.
Most ordinarily placed, the film is a merely blown up, melodramatically written revenge tale with not an ounce of intelligence in it.
The simplicity of the screenplay forces the actors to overplay their roles so melodramatically as to ridicule or satirise the characters themselves.
Those that would seem to so, such as "At the Party," are too light both in terms of device and in terms of emotion, or "This," which asks melodramatically "What creeping darkness will descend .
Grudgingly, she melodramatically divests herself of her anti-flea collar and, heading for the bedroom, she pronounces, "Do what you've got to do".
Set in 1846 in the Grampians, the picture book opens somewhat melodramatically with a very disconsolate young Tom, cricket bat under his arm, farmscape behind him, rueing the end of the cricket season and forlornly wondering 'What am I going to do?
Similarly, of course the reporter is going to melodramatically visit the home in Bethlehem that's surrounded on three sides by the security wall and that also sells Christian tchotchkes on the ground floor.
The foreign ministry 'slammed the UNHRC for anti-Israeli bias'; a senior foreign ministry official announced, melodramatically, and with infantile pique, "We are stopping all and any cooperation with the council.
Agitated members shouted their dissatisfaction (one rather melodramatically tearing up the draft bill), and the Rajya Sabha's chairman, Indian Vice-President Hamid Ansari, halted the proceedings without a vote.
Ridiculous runner-up Mark "Afghanistan" Wright went way OTT, melodramatically declaring: "I walked in a boy.