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Most ordinarily placed, the film is a merely blown up, melodramatically written revenge tale with not an ounce of intelligence in it.
21] Adam's transgender status is disclosed to Degrassi viewers in a 10th season two-episode arc rather melodramatically titled "My Body is a Cage.
The simplicity of the screenplay forces the actors to overplay their roles so melodramatically as to ridicule or satirise the characters themselves.
he replied, his voice trailing off" melodramatically.
Moreover, having wept melodramatically with his own face pressed to the statue of Isis' feet (11,24,7), he promises to keep the vision of the goddess's face close to his heart (11,25,6).
Those that would seem to so, such as "At the Party," are too light both in terms of device and in terms of emotion, or "This," which asks melodramatically "What creeping darkness will descend .
Those artists whom one could best identify by their parasitical pose of simulating the grotesques of totalitarian commodity culture are reminiscent of the eponymous protagonist of Bertolt Brecht's 1941 play The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui, who gesticulates melodramatically in supposed outrage at the calamitous destruction of the greengrocer's market that he and his gang, the cauliflower merchants, have just brought about.
Set in 1846 in the Grampians, the picture book opens somewhat melodramatically with a very disconsolate young Tom, cricket bat under his arm, farmscape behind him, rueing the end of the cricket season and forlornly wondering 'What am I going to do?
The later work is sometimes characterised by a stridency of diction, a reliance on apocalyptic terminology (which admittedly, in the context of growing environmental perils and the ongoing threat of nuclear war, does not seem entirely unreasonable), and a sim-plified opposition between "Life" and "what I can only call, albeit melodramatically, the forces of evil".
Agitated members shouted their dissatisfaction (one rather melodramatically tearing up the draft bill), and the Rajya Sabha's chairman, Indian Vice-President Hamid Ansari, halted the proceedings without a vote.
Ridiculous runner-up Mark "Afghanistan" Wright went way OTT, melodramatically declaring: "I walked in a boy.
I insisted melodramatically as I passed duty free shop after duty free shop and exits to gates labelled "No return after entry".