melt away

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Jane - mum to Alex, 31, Jack, 25 and Leo, 11 - added: "Cash Queens readers should make their points work for them and not let them melt away.
Add a drop of water and the base and wiring begin to melt away.
Called Melt Away Stress, the three-product line is said to reduce anxiety, enhance mood and increase the quality of sleep.
FILM buffs will be able to sit back and relax and let a real heart-warmer melt away the winter blues.
A screamer is somebody whose defenses and whose alibis somehow melt away, and they actually process what a genocide is without defense, without guile,'' Samantha Power, a professor at Harvard's John F.
Criticism should be reserved for books on theory (very popular), verbal criticism is to be only on the gentlest, most politically correct (ie, flabbiest) level, otherwise the students squeak pain, or just melt away The visitors programme sags and features the more reassuring, more fashionably political rather than the creatively challenging foreigners.
I see myself melt away in God's abyss / and not in your arms.
The boundaries historians impose between the domains of religion, medicine, politics, and ecology melt away as The Politics of Evil helps reconnect the web of ties that united these domains in African imaginative life in synergistic ways.
Sussex, Essex, Surrey and parts of London were covered in snow overnight, but forecasters expected that to melt away by mid-morning as temperatures rose slightly and rain started to fall.
1[degrees]C rise in water temperature can, in a year's time, melt away about 1 m of shelf ice.
So you wouldn't expect Hickory Farms' Melt Away Mints to be worse than any other sugary, artificially colored and flavored candy.
Seattle Chocolates' new peanut butter truffle center is a blend of milk chocolates, dark chocolate and all-natural peanut butter made from fresh roasted peanuts and is coated with Seattle Chocolates' signature milk chocolate melt away shell.