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In other words, as long as the reactor does not reach a point where it threatens to melt down, no problem.
It is presented in pastilles, which flow readily and melt down quickly, and is available in 14kg sacks or multi-trip reusable bulk bags.
Delays were the only casualties of the melt down and officials of the Swiss Federal Railways System said such deformations were actually nothing new: in the summer train tracks expand during the long periods of heat, in the event that such a period occurs, and contract with the cooler temperatures of winter.
Pastor's own artworks don't melt down but puff up, their biotic artifice similarly born of tradition, yet unorthodox in its optimistic desire to reenchant an audience that thinks it's seen everything.
And tiny, virtually undetectable cracks in the tubes, if present, could lead to a loss of coolant, which could, in turn, cause the worst-case nuclear nightmare--a core melt down.
The rings melt down and a small carbon fragment evaporates as the atoms settle into their new arrangement.
In addition, the separators were developed for safety, quality and value featuring excellent melt down and shut-down properties, and uniquely balanced LIB power capacity and density.