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In other words, as long as the reactor does not reach a point where it threatens to melt down, no problem.
But the Royal Mint warned that it is an offence "to melt down a coin of the realm".
If kirksite dies were used, we'd have to melt down the tooling and start over with every alternation.
First, to meet the C requirement, Heaslip said that sufficient C must be added to the charge to achieve a C level in the bath at melt down of 35-40 points above the aim level for tapping.
While our guide maintains the proper politely barbed tone throughout, and presents a fabulous array of perspectives, we watch his wit melt down in Pollyannaish resignation the minute he confronts the "real thing.
POLICE have joined art experts in a frantic search for a massive pounds 3m Henry Moore bronze sculpture as fears grew that thieves could melt down the "national treasure".