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In Springfield, townspeople enlist the help of a local metalcasting facility to melt down guns, brass knuckles and ninja stars (Fig.
Prototype polyurethane tires of the distant past ran into not-so-niggling problems during real-world testing such as poor wet traction and melt down during braking.
But if the electrical cabling burns and the pumps that cool the reactor core become disabled, the core could begin to over-heat, and the reactor could melt down. Millions of people could then be exposed to radiation.
Mr Hurley said, 'We melt down the stone and then spin it into fibres, with the process taking about an hour, and creating an entirely natural product - the process was first discovered after strands of stone were found near active volcanoes.
It is presented in pastilles, which flow readily and melt down quickly, and is available in 14kg sacks or multi-trip reusable bulk bags.
Delays were the only casualties of the melt down and officials of the Swiss Federal Railways System said such deformations were actually nothing new: in the summer train tracks expand during the long periods of heat, in the event that such a period occurs, and contract with the cooler temperatures of winter.