melt into one

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She was not like a girl at her first ball, for whom all faces in the ballroom melt into one vision of fairyland.
The gloom that enveloped the army was filled with their groans, which seemed to melt into one with the darkness of the night.
Keyboard-simulated choral voices create ethereal chords that slowly melt into one another.
There is no longer any differentiation between the seasons because this part of the year tends to melt into one as soon as the final Indian summer of September has packed its tepee and fled to warmer climes.
For something that is for many the genuine, 100% bona fide highlight of the year, past experiences almost melt into one.
This was, as much as anything, a jazz gig, and with such a tight, albeit restrained, band behind him, all the songs seemed to melt into one, yet each retaining their own distinct flavours that made them hits in their own right.
It is difficult to find one place where Chinese, Malay and Indian cultures melt into one pot.
He said: "There have been so many episodes now - that they just all melt into one.
Jason Perry (1987-1997) 1996-97: Division 3 Swansea City 0 Cardiff City 1 "IT'S strange, but my memories of South Wales derbies all melt into one.
But everything does seem to melt into one, all the seasons.
The technique for her nature-inspired works is the same as those for the more densely designed but for these, Feibleman adds a preliminary step of laminating gradations of colour together, so they melt into one another.
In some paintings the faces melt into one another like mountains.