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The meltable foods, such as cereals, can be placed over the molar surface for the tongue to get and then move over to the other molar for several sequences before softening, chewing and swallowing.
NelcoView clear cross-linked polyolefin heat-shrinkable tubing features a meltable adhesive liner that creates a watertight, see-through seal.
Water is very bad news for them, much as it was for the meltable Wicked Witch in "The Wizard of Oz."
And TruMelt (the world's first self-contained completely meltable asphalt container) by Owens Corning reduces time, environmental waste, and 90 percent of unpleasant fumes.
It's a snap to make decorative soap for gifts or your own bathroom by using meltable blocks of soap, such as Soap Expressions, from a craft store.
A meltable sealing solution, typically a bituminous substance, is provided between the heat shrinkable plastics sleeve and the object.
A method of securing an elastic band between two layers of partially meltable material has been patented.
But Locke himself, when he attacks the notion of innate principles in The Essay Concerning Human Understanding, keeps such terms as "imprint" and "impression" in an unfigured suspension: "and no less unreasonable would it be to attribute several truths to the impressions of nature and innate characters, when we may observe in ourselves faculties fit to attain as easy and certain knowledge of them as if they were originally imprinted on the mind."(23) In Three Dialogues between Hylas and Philonous, Bishop Berkeley likewise has Hylas remark, "You cannot say objects are in your mind as books in your study: or that things are imprinted on it, as the figure of a seal upon wax."(24) Philips, on the other hand, makes the impalpable mind seem opaque and lifeless, meltable as it is malleable.
Hard wax is a meltable product that is between soft wax or putty sticks and shellac burn-in sticks.
* One Italian Ice (meltable, tart flavor, colored bolus easily absorbed by the lungs)